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Tintype vocals strained through a dampened blanket set the pace to what is without a doubt the strongest material Seattle's Transmissionary Six has compiled yet. "I give a shit/and that's the problem," sings Terri Moeller with the masculinity of Nina Nastasia and the fragility of Beth Gibbons. As well, references to Drugstore or Tram might not be far from the mark.

Likewise, the humid production style of Tucker Martine lends itself perfectly to the seductiveness and subtlety behind Get Down's twelve provocative tracks. Paul Austin (co-founder of Willard Grant Conspiracy) and Terri Moeller (The Walkabouts) certainly bring enough 'alt-Americana' credentials to the table to spark the interest of anyone familiar enough with the genre. But despite their respectable resume, the intimate Country-noir work found on Get Down stands staidly alone, underscored with soundscapes, gauzy and backwards guitar as well as a resolute consciousness of space and subtlety, gracefully guided by a non-hurried pace. A 'who's who' lineup of guest musicians abound: Anne Marie Ruljancich (Jesse Sykes), Steve Moore (Laura Veirs), Scott Colburn (Climax Golden Twins), Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western), John Askew (Tracker), to name a few.

T6 will be playing a good number of shows in and around town before the end of the year. This reviewer is quite confident that you would do well to check them out while they are still playing the small stage.