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I think Phil Ochs was the kind of musician that, if he had lived in Seattle at the age when he was zealously protesting against war and racism and corporate BS, would be singing every day wherever the Occupy encampment might be. Also, those songs he'd sing for the tenacious and beloved local protestors would be snazzy, satirical, and as personal as music addressing politics ever are. 

This Friday {November 4} starting at 9 p.m., our sister-comrades Sound On The Sound present That's What I Want To Hear at the Columbia City Theater. A full on tribute to the spirit of Ochs, with a line up including Shannon Stephens, Ben Barnett, Sam Watts (Ghosts I've Met), Lukas Williams (Youth Rescue Mission), Ben Fisher, The Gloria Darlings, Stephen Nielson, and more. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds (save for staffing) go to the revolution!

It's also a book drive, a bit more information about is given by SOTS's incredible Abbey Simmons:

"The idea was from City Arts Magazine's writer/editor Mark Baumgarten, who wanted to host a book drive for the Occupy Seattle library of the socio-economic and political theory books sitting on most Seattlites shelves untouched since college and a cover night honoring Ochs, the songwriter most synonymous with protest if you're beyond a Dylan-only comprehension of such things. I myself have been looking for a way to participate in the protests and show my support in a meaningful way and had an open date after a SOTS show collapsed and offered it to Mark."

That spontaneous call to arms got me rallied up again, second-wind style! For the record, Ochs wasn't perfect — he battled many personal demons (as do many of us who crave and fight for social change) — but he was always there, and he always did his best for the many, not just the lucky few. Whatever advice you have to give to Occupy Seattle, remember that actions speak louder than words. But words and songs can help change the world too — Ochs' sure did.