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So, I finally made it back from my trip to europe, no thanks to possibly the worst place in the universe, that being Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport – I mean, why does it take me THREE BUSES and ONE TRAM to get me from my arriving gate to my departing and why did I hyave to walk through 20 kilometers of tunnels and WHY DID A SANDWICH – a freaking baguette mind you – COST 17 EUROS?! Anyway, those French surrender monkeys did not add to my trip.

However, two bands I discovered did, and you should discover them too:

I bought this CD at Stupido Records in Helsinki based on a flyer I picked up for a festival called "MONSTER OF POP". Good name for a festival and good name for a band. They're from Finland, play wonderful pop rock like Math & Physics Club and the like and I love their album The Province Complains. Here is a clip of the band's "The Smell of the Artist":

Seabear hail from Iceland, but they may as well be from Stockholm because they have the same beautiful pop sounds you expect from the Swedish scene. They're also on the same German label as the Go Finds and Electric President. I bought this one while I was in Cologne, Germany and here is the band's video for "Arms" from The Ghost That Carried Us Away.

I'll have some more to say about Germn hip-hop, Annie's Finnish boyfriend and all the fun that is parts of Europe.