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Night One: Prehistoric SOTS Birthday Show at Neumos w/ AGTSK, Wah Wah Exit Wound and The Resets

Wednesday's Sound on the Sound birthday bash party show at Neumos was intensely fun. Since our friends at SotS chose the music, I didn’t give unknown-to-me bands The Resets or Wah Wah Exit Wound a prior listen – I knew I’d love them and indeed did fall hard and fast for The Resets, especially. Neumos was decked out as a prehistoric jungle with a volcano, blooming trees, vines and dinosaurs, and each band embraced the theme… sort of.

Smoke poured through vented cardboard, a semi-anatomically correct pterodactyl hovered over performers; dinosaurs, people and trees danced, and paper glitter and feathers were flung far and wide. Cakes were presented. It was a terrific night. A Gun That Shoots Knives topped the evening as only they could, with infectious music and grand spectacle.

photos: Amelia Gydé

Night Two: The Whore Moans, Vindaloo, The Drug Purse and What What Now at The Blue Moon

Saturday’s birthday show at The Blue Moon was insane. Again, I fell for a band I’d never heard of – What What Now kicked off the night and charmed me as they completely rocked. The crowd was ready for more at the end of their set and I for one will be adding them to my show watch list.

I returned to my table after What What Now to find it occupied by The Drug Purse (don’t you love bar venues?) who were ready to go on next. A few songs in I realized they have the perfect band name for their music; dreamy and retro and kind of… druggy. Friends stepped mid-set onto the stage to give quick hugs and pet Tarek’s fur coat. I love shows at The Blue Moon – the staff is great, there’s an actual stage, the sound’s okay and it’s small enough that everyone is pals by night’s end.

Up next was Vindaloo – a band I adored and apparently will never see again, as they reunited just for this show. Vindaloo hits hard and are incredibly fun to watch. I loved their music and am so glad I had the chance to experience them live. I could have left happy and completely satisfied after Vindaloo, but The Whore Moans were about to take the stage.

The Whore Moans hold a special place in my heart as one of the first bands I fell in love with after moving back to Seattle (at The Croc w/ Pleasureboaters and The Cops) and also the first local band I photographed. The second The Whore Moans stepped into their set the crowd went nuts and people flung themselves onstage, cheered, screamed, sang along and danced themselves into a wonderful frenzy. The Blue Moon was packed to bursting and the music was LOUD. The Whore Moans are a tight and talented band – one of Seattle’s best without doubt. They demand and deserve our attention.

Thank you to Sound on the Sound for throwing two amazing birthday bash shows. I had a blast and am counting down until next year.