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Imaginary Indie Tunes Podcast {November 2006}


Three Imaginary Girls created a series of podcasts between 2005-2010 titled the Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast. Each episode served as a mixtape of our favorite songs for each given month, spotlighting the new releases and upcoming shows. {all currently published podcast episodes}


Here’s a look back on our fourth episode, originally published in September 2006. This episode includes a lot of great artists from Seattle and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This podcast includes a very naughty set of songs (right there smack in the middle of the episode) so put some naughty-cancelling headphones on the kids and coworkers.


Playlist for November 2006

  • The Hot Toddies
    “Seattle” (self-released EP) {facebook}
  • Racetrack
    “Jumping the Shark” (Demo)
  • Man Plus
    “Sister Says I’ll Love Again” (From the self-released LP We Had No Sex) {bandcamp}
  • Argo
    “All You Say” (Pleasurecraft remix) (Demo) {website}
  • Nicky Click
    “Don’t Call Me Baby” (From the self-released LP You’re Already a Member {website}
  • Voxy
    “Chix with Dictionaries” (self-released)
  • Cars Can Be Blue
    “The Dirty Song” (From the Happy Happy Birthday to Me release All the Stuff We Do {facebook}
  • The Trucks
    “Titties” (from the Click Pop release The Trucks)
  • A Gun That Shoots Knives
    “Every Year” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • We Wrote the Book on Connectors
    “Gonna Eat Some Cake” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • The Treatment
    “Invisible Bruise” (debut release on Loveless Records)
  • Fernando
    “Everybody Knows” (From the release Exit to Enter)
  • Tea Cozies
    “Tranciting” (From their debut, self-titled EP) {bandcamp}
  • The Snakebites
    “Everybody Feels It When We Get Together” (From the release Love, Hate, Rage, & Sorrow) {bandcamp}


Produced by Three Imaginary Girls
Engineered by DKB productions

Permission to podcast all music in the Imaginary Podcast has been obtained from the artist and is on file at the imaginary office.

Thanks to the Wedding Present for the wonderful opening riff on each episode.


A Gun That Shoots Knives Live Show Review The Blue Moon The Whore Moans Vindaloo

Two Intense Nights of Sound on the Sound Birthday Shows

Night One: Prehistoric SOTS Birthday Show at Neumos w/ AGTSK, Wah Wah Exit Wound and The Resets

Wednesday's Sound on the Sound birthday bash party show at Neumos was intensely fun. Since our friends at SotS chose the music, I didn’t give unknown-to-me bands The Resets or Wah Wah Exit Wound a prior listen – I knew I’d love them and indeed did fall hard and fast for The Resets, especially. Neumos was decked out as a prehistoric jungle with a volcano, blooming trees, vines and dinosaurs, and each band embraced the theme… sort of.

Smoke poured through vented cardboard, a semi-anatomically correct pterodactyl hovered over performers; dinosaurs, people and trees danced, and paper glitter and feathers were flung far and wide. Cakes were presented. It was a terrific night. A Gun That Shoots Knives topped the evening as only they could, with infectious music and grand spectacle.

photos: Amelia Gydé

Night Two: The Whore Moans, Vindaloo, The Drug Purse and What What Now at The Blue Moon

Saturday’s birthday show at The Blue Moon was insane. Again, I fell for a band I’d never heard of – What What Now kicked off the night and charmed me as they completely rocked. The crowd was ready for more at the end of their set and I for one will be adding them to my show watch list.

I returned to my table after What What Now to find it occupied by The Drug Purse (don’t you love bar venues?) who were ready to go on next. A few songs in I realized they have the perfect band name for their music; dreamy and retro and kind of… druggy. Friends stepped mid-set onto the stage to give quick hugs and pet Tarek’s fur coat. I love shows at The Blue Moon – the staff is great, there’s an actual stage, the sound’s okay and it’s small enough that everyone is pals by night’s end.

Up next was Vindaloo – a band I adored and apparently will never see again, as they reunited just for this show. Vindaloo hits hard and are incredibly fun to watch. I loved their music and am so glad I had the chance to experience them live. I could have left happy and completely satisfied after Vindaloo, but The Whore Moans were about to take the stage.

The Whore Moans hold a special place in my heart as one of the first bands I fell in love with after moving back to Seattle (at The Croc w/ Pleasureboaters and The Cops) and also the first local band I photographed. The second The Whore Moans stepped into their set the crowd went nuts and people flung themselves onstage, cheered, screamed, sang along and danced themselves into a wonderful frenzy. The Blue Moon was packed to bursting and the music was LOUD. The Whore Moans are a tight and talented band – one of Seattle’s best without doubt. They demand and deserve our attention.

Thank you to Sound on the Sound for throwing two amazing birthday bash shows. I had a blast and am counting down until next year.

A Gun That Shoots Knives Imaginary Scoop

A Gun That Shoots Knives sparkly party show times this Wednesday

It looks like our prediction that A Guns That Shoots Knives puts on killer show was true. Photographer Amelia Gydé was at the show and has the photo proof from their October 11, 2008 show. Total par-tay times!

They'll be at Neumo's this Wednesday (January 14) with Wah Wah Exit Wound and The Resets if you want in on the hot hot action.

(See more awesome show photos in the TIG Sparkly Indie-Pop Photos pool…)

a gun that shoots knives @ chop suey 10.11.08

a gun that shoots knives @ chop suey 10.11.08

a gun that shoots knives @ chop suey 10.11.08

A Gun That Shoots Knives Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground Live Show Review Monotonix Paramount Theatre The Blue Moon The Presidents of the United States of America The Saturday Knights

New Years Eve at The Paramount+The Blue Moon=Holiday Perfection w/ many Favorite Bands

I shopped extensively for New Years Eve shows and initially dismissed The Paramount’s offering with headliners The Presidents of The Unites States of America, as I am not a huge fan of their music. The rest of the lineup, which included Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, The Saturday Knights and Monotonix eventually won me over.  I figured I could enjoy them all and still get back to the U-District in time to see my ultimate NYE midnight show goal: A Gun That Shoots Knives at the Blue Moon.

My favorite NYE shows usually take place at steamy packed bar venues. At The Paramount, I walked in and right up to the stage barricade through the sparse audience listening to the talented Vince Mira and The Roy Kay Trio.

Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground was next, and it was nice to see them on a stage large enough to comfortably hold them all. The perfect New Years Eve band, Kay Kay creates and spreads festivity and community and the audience warmed appreciably.

Had The Saturday Knights not played this show, I would have skipped it. I’ll admit I saw them in October mostly because drummer Trent Moorman (Head Like a Kite) and guitarist Thomas Hunter (Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground and Wild Orchid Children) were accompanying. This time I was able to forget their bands and see Trent, Thomas and Dave Martin (Slender Means) as the ideal catalyst for the force that is The Saturday Knights. Perfectly executed songs rolled out over the growing audience that wanted more, as did I when the Knights left the stage and we were left to prepare for Monotonix.

The barricades surrounding Monotonix’s equipment were moved and the crowd closed in. Most of what is expected from a Monotonix set occurred: hairy nudity, shrieking, a violated trash can, a temporary kidnapping and a roving drum set. The Paramount’s size didn’t allow for Monotonix to lead everyone out to the street, and although they didn’t have many available climbing options, their fuzzy punk music is reason enough to see them live.

I mentioned my dislike for The Presidents of The United States of America. I saw them a few times live in their early years and just didn’t get it. Heavy rotation can be cruel, and I was regularly faced with songs my ears tried to reject. Time heals, I hoped and I wanted to hear PUSA this New Years Eve with a fresh appreciation for a much-loved Seattle staple. I tried, but didn’t make it through two songs before turning to hug a friend goodbye and fleeing to the lobby doors.

I’m sure PUSA would not have wanted me to stay. I’m sure they are terrific people and would have wanted me to get out of there as quickly as I could, stopping only to grab/gulp another friend’s beer (my first of the night) on the way out the front door to find a cab to drop me in front of the Blue Moon at ten minutes to midnight, which is exactly what I did.

Great music, steamy windows and lots of friends welcomed me at the Blue Moon – it’s wonderful walking into your neighborhood bar on New Years Eve when everyone’s already tanked and your apartment is less than a block away. I dumped my coat on the pool table pile and headed toward the stage, where A Gun That Shoots Knives and their fans were creating a holiday-worthy ruckus.

AGTSK played well past midnight; I slacked off in my smoke machine duties, took a lot of photos, was surrounded by friends and began 2009 exactly as I wanted.


A Gun That Shoots Knives Imaginary Scoop

The Muppet's distant loser cousins

A few pals of mine are trying to win the competition for TV production deals over at that website we can't stop talking about today, yep MySpace. They've been putting together this puppet show entirely from scratch, and local band A Gun That Shoots Knives recorded the theme song.

Check out the first episode/teaser, especially if you're a fan of toilet humor… and if you like what you see, make sure you cast your vote!

A Gun That Shoots Knives Imaginary Scoop Smile Brigade The High Dive We Wrote the Book on Connectors

TONIGHT! Would you like to go to the prom with WE?

Tonight at the High Dive is a most excellent lineup of high-energy, danceable local rock bands: We Wrote the Book on Connectors, Smile Brigade, and A Gun that Shoots Knives. The night celebrates the release of Smile Brigade's latest record, Take the Precious Edge off this Trecherous Ledge (try saying that three times fast).

But more importantly… it's PROM-themed. According to the press release from We Wrote the Book on Connectors:

Our very next show this Friday at the High Dive is prom themed. We’re talking tuxedos, prom dresses and fancy shoes here. It’s the prom you’ve always wanted but thought was too retarded to ever exist. But it does exist! This is the future, people. So come on, put on your finest duds and dance the night away with Seattle’s favorite mustache rock band.

Friday 10/12 @ the High Dive (513 N 36th Seattle, WA 98103)

  • SMILE BRIGADE (CD release)
  • WE WROTE THE BOOK ON CONNECTORS (self-proclaimed prom kings)
  • A GUN THAT SHOOTS KNIVES (spelling bee champions)

For maximum pleasure, formal wear strongly encouraged.

Smile Brigade CD release show poster

These bands never fail to throw quite the party, so expect a taffeta-infused, sweaty good time tonight! Ya know, just like your prom was back in the day…

A Gun That Shoots Knives Barsuk Central Services Head Like A Kite Iceage Cobra Imaginary Scoop Jim Noir Kane Hodder Math and Physics Club Night Canopy Optimus Rhyme Schoolyard Heroes Shorthand for Epic Speaker Speaker Sub Pop The Elephants The Pale Pacific The Pharmacy The Trucks Thee Emergency Tiny Vipers Tullycraft We Wrote the Book on Connectors

A Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash!

Three Imaginary Girls, Barsuk Records, and Sub Pop Records present a Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash featuring members of Math & Physics Club, Iceage Cobra, Head Like a Kite, Schoolyard Heroes, Speaker Speaker, Kane Hodder, Optimus Rhyme, the Pale Pacific, the Elephants, We Wrote the Book on Connectors, The Trucks, A Gun That Shoots Knives, Central Services, The Pharmacy, Tullycraft, Night Canopy, Dita Vox, Shorthand for Epic, and many more. Pre-party starts at 8p with acoustic sets from members of Tiny Vipers, Fruit Bats, and a special performance by Jim Noir. Friday night, December 8th, at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA Seattle, WA, November 14, 2006 – Ho ho ho! 'Tis about that time to kick off the holiday season imaginarily!

Three Imaginary Girls, "Seattle's sparkly indie- pop press," will host a Holiday Karaoke Bash on Friday, December 8, 2006 at The Crocodile, to welcome in the holiday season with their favorite local rockstars singing karaoke. The night will kick-off with a Sub Pop and Barsuk Records-supported pre-party with acoustic sets from members of Sub Pop artists Fruit Bats and Tiny Vipers, and a very special performance from Barsuk Records' Jim Noir.

The night will feature rockstar performances by local musicians and celebrities. Members of Math & Physics Club, Iceage Cobra, Head Like a Kite, Schoolyard Heroes, Speaker Speaker, Kane Hodder, Optimus Rhyme, the Pale Pacific, the Elephants, We Wrote the Book on Connectors, The Trucks, A Gun That Shoots Knives, Central Services, The Pharmacy, Tullycraft, Night Canopy, Dita Vox, Shorthand for Epic, several KEXP DJs, and many more special guests are prepared to take the stage to croon for our mutual holiday enjoyment.

Of course — in imaginary style — you won't need mistletoe to get lucky. The event will feature the amazing John Roderick of the Long Winters as Indie Rock Santa Claus, to ensure you get your holiday wish-list heard by Mr. North Pole himself.

"How often does one get the chance to have her picture taken while sitting on John Roderick's lap?" asked imaginary girl Liz. "That's reason enough to attend!"

"This is the best holiday gift ever – a pre-party with Sub Pop and Barsuk, followed by an off-the-hook karaoke bash!" said imaginary girl Dana. "It's a Christmas miracle!"

"I guess we've been very, very good imaginary girls this year," said imaginary girl Char.

Steve the Karaoke King (of Twilight Exit, Molly McGuires, and the Comet Tavern) will serve as KJ for the big event, which means the song selection and the sound system will both be incredible. Need further incentive? Imaginary karaoke parties always tend to attract surprise guests (including Vendetta Red's Zach Davidson and the Posies' Jon Auer at past events), and the girls will have girls will have raffle prizes galore from favorite folks like Merge Records, K Records, and Pattern 25 Records to bulk up your end-of-year CD collection. Event supporters Sub Pop, Barsuk, and Seattle Sound magazine will also be providing extra- exciting gift packs for lucky audience members to win.

Three Imaginary Girls are no strangers to the Seattle rock scene. During the past four years, the girls have reviewed hundreds of live shows and CDs in Seattle and beyond. They also book local music showcases, and have hosted various rockstar karaoke events, such as their Labor Day Buttrock Karaoke Party, their Silly Love Songs Friday the 13th Pre-Valentine's Day Bash, and a "69 Love Songs" Pre- Valentine's Day Tribute night.


WHAT: Three Imaginary Girls Presents: A Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash
WHERE: The Crocodile Café, 2200 2nd Avenue. Seattle, WA
WHEN: Friday, December 8, 2006. Doors open 8p for the Tiny Vipers and Fruit Bats acoustic sets. Jim Noir performance begins at 9p. Open Karaoke immediately thereafter at 9:30p.
COST: $10 Advance tickets available through Ticketweb.

ABOUT THREE IMAGINARY GIRLS is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest to music lovers worldwide. During the past three+ years, the site has featured reviews of albums, live music, film, theater, interviews, political commentary, and even love advice, in Seattle and beyond. The girls also book music showcases, contribute to other music publications (including The Stranger, Tablet Magazine, and Music for America), and make guest radio appearances on 90.3 KEXP. The girls were voted "MVP of Seattle Music 2004" by readers of the Seattle Weekly, and were listed in Seattle Magazine's Most Influential People issue. Intrigued? For more information, contact: [email protected].