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Good news for two local Seattle bands, Facts About Funerals and Feral Children, both of which recently inked deals with independent labels to release their debut albums this summer.

Facts About Funerals have signed to San Francisco label Evangeline Records:

We're proud to announce that Facts About Funerals debut release Love Songs & Funeral Homes has been picked up by San Francisco label Evangeline Records, to be distributed both in the U.S. and in Europe.

The release date is set for late June 2008, with US and UK tour dates to follow shortly thereafter.

And Feral Children have signed to Seattle's Sarathan Records:

Their debut album, Second to the Last Frontier, was self-released locally to overwhelming praise and will receive its proper US retail release summer 2008 through Fontana/Universal and international digital release through IODA.

Congrats to both bands and labels! Any other local bands recently sign with labels that we all should know about? Feel free to brag away in the comments field below.