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It’s no secret I heart Matt & Kim… so much so that sometimes it’s hard to explain why. I usually end up rambling about how nice and wonderful and lovey they are to everyone (and each other) and how they inspire me to be a kinder and much more fun person.

Their new video for “Block After Block” kinda illustrates why they rule (and makes me want to go run around NYC with a bunch of friends).

As Matt explains on their blog:

Another video where Kim is terrified that she is going to get arrested and I (lie) and tell her there is no way that will happen.  One day this is going to bite me in the ass but it hasn’t happened yet. Block After Block is our adventure throughout New York City playing impromptu shows wherever we could.

Matt & Kim are on tour with the Thermals right now… my heart explodes thinking about being front row for that bill (which sadly wont happen anytime soon since both bands played Sasquatch last month).