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Ian McCutcheon performing “Don't You Forget About Me” at New Wave Night 2018. Photo by Liz

We are just about recovered from Sunday’s New Wave Night party and hope you are too! Because… it’s time to share some videos of the NWN performances!

Did you have a favorite song or performer? Yeah, it’s impossible to pick. For those who might have misplaced their notes, the set list went a little like this:

Ian McCutcheon {Familiars, Kithkin}

  • “Don’t You Forget About Me” {originally by Simple Minds}
  • “Sweet Dreams” {originally by Eurythmics}

Taryn Dorsey {Wiscon, NightTraiN}

  • “Hanging on the Telephone” {originally by Blondie}
  • “A Little Respect” {originally by Erasure}

Aaron Starkey {Gibraltar/OCEANWIRES}

  • “Bigmouth Strikes Again” {originally by The Smiths}
  • “London Calling” {originally by The Clash}

Ryan Devlin & Kim West {Smokey Brights}

  • “Is She Really Going Out With Him” {originally by Joe Jackson}
  • “Brass in Pocket” {originally by The Pretenders}

Kurt Bloch {Fastbacks, The Young Fresh Fellows}

  • “Radio Radio” {originally by Elvis Costello}
  • “Don’t You Want Me” {originally by Human League}

Tomo Nakayama {Solo, Grand Hallway, Asahi}

  • “Bizarre Love Triangle” {originally by New Order}
  • “Rip It Up” {originally by Orange Juice}

Adra Boo {Solo, Hotels, Fly Moon Royalty}

  • “Never Say Never” {originally by Romeo Void}
  • “Roxanne” {originally by The Police}

Andrew Vait {SISTERS}

  • “Once in a Lifetime” {originally by Talking Heads}
  • “Modern Love” {originally by David Bowie}

Can I get another round of hearty applause for the backing band?

We were super lucky to have the best backing band around to accompany each singer. In case you missed their intros – make note of these peeps – they are a force to be reckoned with:

Ian Shuler – drums
Stanley Kim – bass
Kenny Darling – guitar
Eileen Neff – backup vocals
Wylie Vanwenger – keyboards
Lauren Hepburn – saxophone
William Cremin – guitar / keytar
Brady Harvey – guitar, backup vocals

Now on to the videos of each set!
(you can watch them all back to back here)

Ian McCutcheon

“Don’t You Forget About Me” {originally by Simple Minds}

I can’t think of a more perfect way to start off the show than Ian McCutcheon’s rendition of “Don’t You Forget About Me.” The outfit, the dance moves, the alluring jump into the audience – it was my dream of living in a John Hughes movie. (more about Ian’s band Familiars)

Taryn Dorsey

“A Little Respect” {originally by Erasure}

I listened to Erasure’s third album, The Innocents, on repeat the summer of 1990. The heat in Chop Suey paired with Taryn’s amazing rendition of my favorite song from this album took me back to those carefree days. My bestie and fellow The Innocents superfan, who is usually fairly reserved, actually screamed aloud when the song was done. We both had tears in our eyes. Adra Boo accompanied on backup vocals for this song. I know right?!?! Can I get a whole album of them covering this song?

Aaron Starkey

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” {originally by The Smiths}

A quick perusal of the Aaron Starkey catalog proves this fella knows his stuff and can conquer it loudQuietloud. I loved his performance of one of my Smiths’ favorites when I saw it live, but on video playback, I’m even more floored by the guitar solo Aaron added to this song. It takes it up and over the edge of brilliant. (more about Aaron’s bands Gibraltar & OCEANWIRES)

Ryan Devlin & Kim West

“Is She Really Going Out With Him” {originally by Joe Jackson}

Besides magnificently carrying the New Wave tunes, Ryan Devlin & Kim West took it up a notch in the show attire department. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a coral collared pant suit sported so flawlessly – with matching white keds sneakers! Kim’s fashion paired with Ryan’s leisure attire made watching their flawless performance wonderfully surreal. I’m not sure the video does it justice, so keep your eyes peeled for Morgen’s amazing photos of the show, coming soon! (more about Kim & Ryan’s band Smokey Brights)

Kurt Bloch

“Radio Radio” {originally by Elvis Costello} and “Don’t You Want Me” {originally by Human League}

There’s not a lot about this world that makes sense – but Kurt Bloch covering Elvis Costello’s “Radio Radio” – now that makes sense and it makes things feel better for the 3:03 minutes it plays. Kurt embodies what makes rock ‘n roll – and these new wave songs, so infectiously fun. What a surprise to have TIG’s very own Brady Harvey duet with Kurt on the classic 80s relationship drama, “Don’t You Want Me”!!! The pair synth-rocked it out of the imaginary park with dance moves and dueling vocals that make us want to jump up and down on end. (more about Kurt’s bands The FastbacksYoung Fresh Fellows, Filthy Friends, Full Toilet, Thee Sgt. Major III)

Tomo Nakayama

“Rip It Up” {originally by Orange Juice}

Hi Orange Juice fans! Can I be honest? I like this version with Tomo and the TIG backing band better than the original. He hit all the notes with a flair and tone that takes this song to a whole other place for me. I’m not the only one. A friend who is a huge Orange Juice fan took his hat off to this cover and even remarked that the sax player played it better than the original (I’m slightly paraphrasing, but it’s all to say…) the band rocked it and a note to Tomo – THANKS FOR PICKING THIS SONG!!! (more about Tomo’s musical endeavors)

Adra Boo

“Never Say Never” {originally by Romeo Void} and “Roxanne” {originally by The Police}

Ok, when Adra Boo tells me to party, I party! If you’ve ever seen her perform before, you know that Adra should give a masters class in how to take parties up a notch. Her two song performances were flawless (just as you’d expect) and the intensity made us all sweat off our sparkly eye shadow and hair spray. This is what the parties were like for the really cool kids in the 1980s. I can’t believe our luck that we got to know that feeling. (more about Adra’s musical endeavors)

Andrew Vait

Modern Love” {originally by David Bowie}

Andrew made covering Bowie look easy – but we all know better. What a way to top off the band portion of the night. (Spoiler alert) Two words: TWO SAXOPHONES! It brought together the glee and sing along spirit that filled the whole night. Group hug!!! (more about Andrew’s band SISTERS)

Now do have a favorite? It’s hard to pick. Each one has a special place in my heart which is why I can’t stop watching each of them.

There are performances that we weren’t able to get footage of {I shake my fist at you, technology!} so if you see video of any of the ones we missed floating around – share it with me immediately! I want to see them!!!

Stay tuned photos from the photo booth and the live sets are coming soon!