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For the last year or so, Vök have been building more tension in Reykjavík than the Holuhraun Volcano, but they’ve been hard to find Stateside until now. Their debut EP, Tension, is getting a North American release in October, and the band will follow up with a tour (you can be sure we’ll let you know if they make it to Seattle).

Formed only last year, Vök wear their influences on their sleeves; the xx is strong in this one. Comparisons to The Knife, Poliça, and Sóley are not out of place either. But like any talented musicians, Vök make these elements their own. Vök is a trio consisting of guitar, saxophone, and keys. This and precocious songwriting help the final product stand alone as a dark electronic dream – a winning combination of beautiful melodies and eerie atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for their five-song EP on October 21, but in the meantime, enjoy a video of the band performing their single, "Við vökum" at the KEXP Showcase at Airwaves 2013 above.

Watch the whole performance after the jump …