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Vote LOVE / Jeff KleinsmithIf you're reading this site, I'm confident you're with us on approving Ref 74 this November 6th.  It's exciting to think that Washington State, which we already know rules in so many ways, would be the first state in the nation to defend marriage equality by a public vote. It is a big and very important message to send to the rest of the states and the world that we believe in equal and unalienable rights for all.

There are lots of ways to help make this important equal rights legislation pass.  Donating money to Washington United for Marriage is one way. There are also lots of fundraising events (and most that include great music and/or tasty beverages) and volunteer opportunities coming up as well.

And as of today, there's a super-stylish way to show your support: Wear this cooler-than-sh!t t-shirt designed by none other than Jeff Kleinsmith.  You can order it, or one of the other nifty Music for Marriage Equality fundraising shirts or items, from the Luckyhorse Industries website

Remember, getting the word out about this important vote is key! VOTE LOVE!