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It's Monday… and although I should be focused on starting the week off with a bang, I feel like I'm stuck in neutral pondering things like:

Thurston Moore is going to be opening up for Bright Eyes on some select dates. Is that Freaky Friday action or what?

Are the Arcade Fire really taking a two year break? What are they going to do with their time? Raise children, do side projects, write new material, work on their BBQ recipies, date K-Fed? I wonder…

Why can't I find my favorite skit from this past weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live on YouTube yet? Somebody went and put up the funny REALLY?!? sketch, but has yet to upload the "Douchebag" skit — it was I guess folks were just focused on getting the Spoon performances up. And I'll follow suit (who am I to be a party pooper just because I can't share that AWESOME Douchebag skit with you?) – here's one of their SNL performances:

If that didn't do it, this might. It will at least hold us over until the Douchebag skit is up. (Yes, this post might have been an exercise to see how many times I could type the word Douchebag.)

I won't even get into the news that Pamela Anderson married the guy Paris Hiliton did that sex tape with or Pete Doherty almost killed himself over Kate Moss when he's actually engaged to someone else.

What are you pondering today?