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Wow, things have been quiet all over recently. I'm guessing because most folks are spending their online time frantically trying to find those weirdo particular gifts on the wishlists (where am I supposed to find a braided horsehair belt?).

But amidst all of our secure online transactions, the Magnetic Fields have posted a new song for our downloading and repetitive listening pleasure!

The song is entitled "California Girls" and in classic MF style, it details all the reasons to choose the midwest farmers daughters over those blondes out west. The song is from the next Magnetic Fields album, Distortion whicih is due out on Nonesuch on 1/18. Pre-order your copy now.

Head over to The Walrus and download it now before there's a massive freakout and it's taken down ('cause you know an awesome think like this can't last long).

Besides being trademark meloncholy, you can hear further substantiation to Stephin Merritt's belief that JAMC's Psychocandy was one of the most important records from the last 100 years.

A little reverb and echo effect anyone? What do you think of it? Which is better… this song or the heavily influenced by the Magnetic Fields Bruce Springsteen song: "Girls In Their Summer Clothes"