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From Wonkette.comAnyone who has logged into MySpace over the past few weeks must have noticed that they are featuring presidential candidates as "Cool New People."

I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, I was a poli sci major in college so I appreciate any effort to encourage people from my generation to vote. On the other, Duncan Hunter or Sam "We Don't Evolve in Kansas" Brownback will never, ever be cool – even by the most liberal definition of "cool".

Wonkette had the funniest screengrab yet.

Ahhh, MySpace. You never fail to amuse me. First it was the dozens of porn stars that want to be my "friend" each day and then it was all those bands mistakenly thinking I have some say in booking the "shittiest band in Seattle" competition at the Sunset. Now it's this.

All we need now is for the DC Madam to start a page so we can see who is in her "Top 8."