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The New York Times had an interesting story last week about how the market for anti-Bush books is going to bottom out very soon (if it hasn't already). They say:

One segment of the economy will crash for sure on Jan. 20, 2009: the land-office business in anti-George W. Bush books. Through every fault of its own, the Bush-Cheney White House has been a money-belching milch cow for serious critics and random freebooters who understand that a catchy Bushophobic book title generally translates into solid sales.

This got me thinking of anti-Bush songs and wondering if any will have a life-expectancy beyond the next 3 months.

This one is my favorite, "Guess Who Batman?" by Lily Allen (who, let's face it, I never pass up the opportunity to rave about; I just love her so very much). It is a catchy, fun pop song that is subervise and overtly cheerful. Allen never mentions Bush by name and denies it is about anyone specifically but with lyrics like "do you get a little kick out of being small minded? You want to be like your father, his approval your after; well that's not how you find it" there's little doubt who the inspiration was.

Still, while trying to make any sense of Sarah Palin whatsoever, I just give up and put this song on repeat. The chorus ("fuck you, fuck you very, very much; 'cause your words don't translate and it's getting quite late; please don't stay in touch") sums it up nicely.

What songs Bush-era songs will you be listening to during the (hopefully) Obama or McCain administrations?