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The summer between my junior and senior years of college I saved up all summer to reward myself with the best Back to School gift ever, the Galaxie 500 boxset that featured their three records, a cd of covers and rarities, and the required 48-page booklet.  Since then it has been my go-to boxset whenever I need to bask in the loneliest reverb or find comfort in the stark ivy league crackles of guitar.

Now fast-forward a few years to the first time I heard Frank Black (many moons post-Pixies) sneak into the opening chards of “Where Is My Mind” at the Showbox almost a decade ago. My knees turned to mush and I got lightheaded. I remember I had to look directly into the stage lights just to regain composure and convince myself that it was really happening: I was really hearing a favorite song performed live even though I had long thought it impossible.

I think something very similar is going to happen next Tuesday {11/16} at the Crocodile is going to go seconds into hearing Dean Wareham and band mosey into his 2010 version of “Strange” {or “King of Spain” for that matter}… and I want you there next to me.

To enter to win a pair of tickets to next Tuesday’s Dean Wareham does Galaxie 500 show by emailing tig @ with the email subject line “atemytwinkies” by Monday 11/15 at 9am.