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It pains me that I’ll be out of town the night that Monsters of Folk take the Paramount Theater stage on Thursday, October 15, so I want a lucky imaginary reader to go and weep and cheer and love it all in my place.

Want to be my stand in? Email with the subject line “I will be your monster of folk” by Wednesday night at 9pm (PST) and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the pair of tickets to the  (I hear they are going to be really really good seats too!).

If you want, when you email me your entry, let me know how long you think M. Ward is going to be able to stay clean shaven after prolonged exposure to his hairy band mates. I am guessing that Conor Oberst only held out for a few days into the recording of the album. His artist demeanor and devil may care attitude lends itself well to skipping the shaving cream morning sauce.

To confirm that I haven’t taken this scheduling mishap lightly on my part, I’ve watched these two videos over and over to nurse my broken Oberst Ward’d heart:

Awesome Monster of Folk on Monster of Folk interview:


My favorite song from the new really rad ’cause it grows on you Monsters of Folk album: