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Ahh, the power of Twitter. I’ve been SIFF’ing for almost 2 weeks now, and I’ve seen that iSIFF ad from POP several times, so the song (what you doin now/I want to be there) gets stuck in my head on a regular basis. The problem? I only knew those 2 lyrics, so I Google’d the hell out of the Internet, but I could not find out who it was. As a last resort, I put out a plea to the Twitterverse:

“Will someone PLEASE tell me what the name of the song/band is in the iSIFF sifter app commercial? The internets fail me & I NEED to know!”

And, as luck would have it, someone passed that plea around, and I found out via an email to Three Imaginary Girls that the band’s name is llama, the single is called “there” – and the whole song is just as good as the excerpt!

Here’s the deets:

would you please tell amie the song is called "there" and it is by llama
from their first record, llama. which is out of print. but i've posted the
entire record here if you wish to grab some MP3s. it's my band, and i wrote all the songs, so i can do this legally. 🙂

rusty willoughby

How awesome is that? THANK YOU, Rusty. I love SIFF, Twitter, and *now* I love llama.