Three Imaginary Girls

Seattle's Indie-Pop Press – Music Reviews, Film Reviews, and Big Fun has posted their list of 15 Worst Albums By Great Bands on their blog.

Oh, how the feeling of disappointment has fallen on me when a 'true love' has released something that makes me hang my head in shame. Often this disappointment is followed by a sigh of relief when I realize that I was *this close* to getting a tattoo of the band's logo on my body somewhere – and then decided to spend the money on bootlegs or rent instead. Is there a census number for the number of people who had the Green Day Kerplunk flower tattooed on their upper arm? (Although, for the record, I still enjoy Green Day's recent albums.)

I guess the one that stands out most in my memory was when REM released Reveal which featured that stupid lyric in "Imitation Of Life" in which M. Stipe sings "the greatest thing since bread came sliced." LAME!

Here's their list:
1. Bob Dylan, “Down In the Groove”
2. Rolling Stones, “Dirty Work”
3. David Bowie, “Tonight
4. Van Morrison, “Beautiful Vision”
5. The Clash, “Cut the Crap”
6. Neil Young, “Old Ways”
7. Van Halen, “Diver Down”
8. The Who, “Face Dances”
9. Elvis Costello, “Mighty Like A Rose”
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “One Hot Minute”
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, “American Dream”
12. Aerosmith, “Rock in a Hard Place”
13. Lou Reed, “Mistrial”
14. Morrissey, “Kill Uncle”
15. Led Zeppelin, “Presence”

What's on your list?