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Imaginary Victoria's best of 2010, part one: seventeen new releases that knocked the stripes right off my kneesocks.

I know, I know. Writing best of 2010 lists is so three-weeks-ago. But with such a good year in music having just passed, it would be remiss of me to not to let the imaginary-sphere know about a few of my favorite close-of-the-start-of-the-oughts things. I’ve never been a big subscriber to “this is better than […]

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The Builders and the Butchers opening for Amanda Palmer

Show Date: December 11, 2008

The Builders and the Butchers, on the surface, seemed like an unusual band to tour with Amanda Palmer (the theatrical frontwoman from The Dresden Dolls who is currently touring to support a solo record). Palmer’s set began with her own funeral (did I mention that her album is called Who Killed Amanda Palmer?) but when […]

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Jason Webley teaches you how to get drunk during a recession

  I still haven't fully computed everything that happened during Amanda Palmer's 2 hour+ set last night at the Showbox at the Market but I wanted to share one highlight of the evening while I work on my review. Punk/folk accordian player (and Palmer's friend) Jason Webley made a surprise appearance before her set and […]

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Estradasphere, Jason Webley, Amanda Palmer, and "The Twins" make an appearance at last

Show Date: February 23, 2008

Jason Webley opened tonight's show with his usual eccentric folk splendor with a mimed pear offering to a girl in the audience. After Webley sang about the “Pestilence and Rot,” the audience joined in the performance by encouraging the pear-biter to engage in a gagging death scene for the amusement of all. One of the […]

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Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls in town this week

Last Friday, Amanda Palmer sent out a bulletin to her MySpace fans that she'll be recording in Seattle and putting on small shows with Estradasphere this Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Aaaaah! If you caught Miss Palmer's "F*ck the Back Row" show that toured alongside The Dresden Dolls when they were opening for Panic at the […]

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