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Thundercat_SASQ FEAT-0918


How is it the end of May already? IDK but it’s time to get your gams to The Gorge cause it’s time to do a hell of a lot of walking baby, while you bliss out on some of the greatest tunes around! Sasquatch is hands down, totally bitchin’ this year, and I am ready […]

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A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF 2016 Preview: Face the Music

We’re all VERY excited about SIFF o’er here in TIG-land, and most especially excited about the 2016 Face the Music screenings! The theme of this year is the all-mighty “Documentary,” featuring eight films that span genres from hip-indie tunes to ’60s hits, hard rock, and classical piano. Check out the history behind the longest-running music program in television history […]

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Local goodness (and more!) at 2012's City Arts Fest

Now that this year's City Arts Fest is over, I can take a step back and realize that I have been blown away by four solid days of an amazing array of (mostly) local bands, all giving Seattle some truly amazing sets. Each night showcased what the Pacific Northwest had to offer, and it was […]

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Heineken City Arts Festival: one very impressive lineup!

It's safe to say that we're all recovered from yet another fantastic weekend at Capitol Hill Block Party — toxins have been sweat out, legs have been rested, and ringing has left the ears. Now, it's time to start getting prepped for yet another awesome festival to sweep the streets of Seattle: City Arts has […]

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Byrne-ing down the house – David Byrne at the Paramount

Show Date: June 24, 2009

David Byrne is the kind of performer that causes you to scratch your head when considering your expectations for one of his concerts. Will he pull a Bob Dylan and render old favorites abhorrent and unrecognizable? Is he, ala Dr. Frankenstein, ashamed of the creations that made him popular? What will he say about his […]

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Eno gets Byrne'd

It's been 27 years since David Byrne and legendary producer/ambient forefather Brian Eno collaborated on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Byrne recently announced the two are at it again:  "Brian had written a lot of music but needed some words, which I know how to do." The album will come out on Nonesuch […]

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