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SIFF Review: The Otherside

This was an interesting time for director Daniel Torok to do a documentary on underground hip-hop in Seattle. In a strange way, it either seems a little late, or a little too early. (Maybe that means it's right on time — the way a new record doesn't quite make sense, recalling memories of other music […]

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Bumbershoot 2012: Still fighting it out in my head, but I saw lots of neat stuff!

Whoa. Three days of Bumbershoot and one day afterwards got lost there. So here I am, dazed but plowing ahead like Pee Wee on his bike during the Big Adventure, my mind swimming with reflections of all the pop culture madness I grokked and gloamed in for Labor Day weekend. Here's the lights, high and […]

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Bumbershoot 2012: Fighting it out in my head! What do I choose to see?!

Bumbershoot is a large, chilled, blue raspberry drink of piping-hot entertainment, if that makes any sense. This year seems particularly well thought out for taste and diversity over trying to be all things to all people. A lot of creative (even avant) bands with mindful fanbases, a ton of the escalatingly-popular comedy sets, and batches […]

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The wiz

Recommended SIFF Event + Ticket Giveaway: Emerald City Visions at The Triple Door {6/1}

You guys. This event is going to be AMAZING! I mentioned it in my Face the Music roundup, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.   DJ Larry Mizell Jr. has curated a kick-ass crew of hip hop musicians to re-imagine The Wiz at Emerald City Visions (A Hip Hop Reinterpreation of […]

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SIFF 2012 Preview: Face the Music

It’s time once again to run down the highlights of this year’s Face the Music program for the Seattle International Film Festival! There are a ton of great things this year, but the film I think our Imaginaries will be most excited about is the documentary Welcome to Doe Bay, which chronicles the community and […]

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Let's Quit


djblesOne and Emecks are part of Seattle's LOVE FAMILY, internationally known shrewd vocalists and dancers and crowd-picadors who blend bubblegum skank pop, VICE Don'ts, Grand Royal Magazine B-boy spreads, jokes about serial killers set in noir satires, love for KEXP nerd punk girls in knee high boots, corndogs with firecrackers in the middle and deep-fried […]

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City Arts Fest knocks our socks off with huge headliners, sing alongs and lasers

{John Roderick/Long Winters photo by Victoria VanBruinisse} City Arts announced their over the top City Arts Fest line-up late last week.  If you haven’t seen it already, prepare yourself, it’s a doozy (and it’s cut and pasted below)! It looks like our schedules for October 20-22, 2011 will be filled to the brim with radness! […]

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CHBP 2011 preview: Don't Talk To The Cops & Mash Hall

{Photo borrowed from Mash Hall Facebook Page} Sprouting from the THC-soaked cyber-seeds of Seattle entropysploitation rap band Mash Hall/They Live!, Don’t Talk To The Cops is the new electronic-resistance enhanced marriage of rhyming fire and beats taut like wires. I spoke with emzee and emissary Gatsby (Larry Mizell, Jr.) about his further work with his […]

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