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Our Imaginary Editor Picks: Best of 2006

I'm so proud of the Pacific Northwest music scene, as she has given us some of the best records released anywhere (although Suburban Kids, Art Brut, Manhattan Love Suicides, and Graham Coxon — I love you like a sister). If I may have a moment, may I publicly declare love for my favorite releases of […]

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Graham Coxon, with the 22/20s and the Vacation

Show Date: March 23, 2005

It's not often that we imaginary girls fear entering a club. But when we arrived to Chop Suey for the Graham Coxon show, we approached the door during openers the Vacation, and we hesitated, daunted. The windows throbbed, and despite the cold, we lingered outside, rocked by the sheer magnitude of their… well, rock. Then […]

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