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Is it too early to proclaim this as the BEST WEEK EVER?!

I started the week off on Monday with the ultra-charming Jarvis Cocker (and a pre-show sighting on the Harbor Steps!). Last night I was on a date (with about 1,000 other people) with Conor (the Bright Eyes show was FANTASTIC!)… and today I wake up to find out that GRAHAM AND DAMON ARE REUNITING ON THE NEXT BLUR ALBUM!!!

Thanks to Aversion/Dotmusic for breaking the story and making my Wednesday morning. The word on the street is that Alex James (the loose lips bass player) gabbed about Graham Coxon joining his Blur bandmates this summer to hash out songs for a new album. There were whispers of this a couple months ago on the BlurCentral website, but to have the rumors followed up with is just the substantiation I need to get excited all over again.

I’ve been pining for this kind of news since the release of Blur’s underwhelming Think Tank album in 2002 (the first album after Graham left) and in just when I’ve given up, I hear this news of possible Blur hugs and apologies. Hooray!

Let’s hope that all this is true and that Alex wasn’t just trying to promote his new book – his memoirs, Bit Of A Blur due for release in June.