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Win some VIP Old 97s action! {visit to their soundcheck, tickets to the show, and more}

It’s immeasurable how much Three Imaginary Girls adore the Old 97s. I personally have been smitten since I first heard the magic line “My name’s Stewart Ransom Miller, I’m a serial lady-killer” waft from the KEXP airwaves {“Barrier Reef” on the album Too Far To Care} within weeks of settling in Seattle.  From that moment […]

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My Bumber-day #1 featuring Telekinesis, Eugene Mirman, the Old 97s, and the Long Winters

{photo of DJ Spooky by Jeremiah D. Johnson} Arriving later than I wanted to, I swiftly ran from the press gate across the Center to catch Telekinesis’ KEXP Music Lounge session, and as always, their tight pop hooks and charming melodies did not disappoint, and I cursed my love of Rhett Miller, knowing that I’d […]

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Bumbershoot adds Cold War Kids, Old 97s, Yeah Yeah Yeahs; releases full schedule

Late last night, Bumbershoot unveiled their final lineup for the Labor Day weekend festival this year (barring any unforseen cancellations, of course). As usual, it looks like a pretty great lineup. I was especially thrilled that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be playing a Main Stage show. Also added were Cold War Kids and Old 97s, also […]

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Bumbershoot 2008:The Old 97s

Show Date: September 1, 2008

Rhett Miller (lead vocals, swinging hips around a strangled acoustic guitar), Murray Hammond (spectacles and long arms loving a long-necked bass in McCartney position, an occasional croon), Ken Bethea (guitars that sound like an American marriage of The Clash with the Mekons), and Philip Peeples (drums fortressed behind a glass partition so no one would […]

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Some Old 97's "Tribute Band" Sell Out the Tractor

Show Date: August 31, 2008

I spent the bulk of this long weekend whacked out on Benadryl due to an unfortunate meeting of some rather hungry spiders and my sweet blood… That said, I'd purchased tickets to the worst-kept-secret-show – the, ahem, "Satellite Riders" at the Tractor—and wasn't about to let some arachnids ruin my fun. My guy and I […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic

There are many reasons not to recommend this show: tickets are expensive, it's far away (and gas is expensive) and a road trip on a Wednesday is difficult to swing if you work on Thursday morning. Then I saw a commercial on the Fox Noise Channel (or is it Fixed News Channel?) for Sean Hannity's […]

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