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Love's Not Impossible: My Top Ten Songs of 2012

We had to have some good tunes to get us through a year of watching a psychopathic plutocrat trying to pitch us back into the black and white world of fifties-era paranoia and imperialism. That victory against vileness confirmed, going back over the songs that made us swoon for the past few months is very […]

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Heavy rotation: best of a yummy Summer

It's late summer and I have been listening to many refreshing albums, as the world heats up more than ever. And now, it's time for the Fall releases to come in, a smattering of which are below among a multi-artist round-up of what has been soundtracking my daily toil, night terrors, and lovely bits of […]

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Review: Marketa Irglova and Sean Rowe at the Triple Door

There was much ado downtown about last Thursday's Triple Door show, namely that Academy Award winning-half of the Swell Season duo Marketa Irglova was set to perform to a packed house on her first solo tour — and that she did. With a stunningly beautiful, courageously autobiographical set, Marketa let us under her clean-seeming surface […]

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Beauty Parlor: hey, all you pretty things! {new record review column}

I’m going to start this new “album round up” for Three Imaginary Girls with the above recent You Tube video for Sean Rowe‘s “Jonathan”: (1.) Because I think it’s the best song off of his recent Magic album (recently given full treatment here) and though it’s been out a while the video is new. More-so, […]

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When my wife heard this playing yet again on the stereo last night she chirped, “So you found a record you really like a lot? That’s awesome!” Yes, Sean Rowe’s brandy-baritone vocals from his ANTI- debut Magic have become as sonically ubiquitous in our apartment as, say, those by Dylan, Cohen, and most recently Van […]

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