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Burn to Shine: Bright Seattle stars

Opening with a montage of Seattle, Burn to Shine's forthcoming Emerald City edition is quintessentially us. The film's opening montage pieced together clips of places here and there — the I-90 bridge, homeless people at a bus stop, downtown hustle and bustle — allĀ familiar, but not cliched street corners. Resting on the house where the […]

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Fests are upon us: Part 1: Georgetown Music Festival

Summertime in Seattle means nothing if not music festivals. While Bumbershoot and the Capitol Hill Block Party have grown to astronomical (read as: huge touring bands) proportions, The Georgetown Music Festival is keeping it local as can be, with a preliminary lineup of loads of Seattle- (and a few Portland) based bands prepared to rock […]

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KEXP Audioasis Showcase

Show Date: January 6, 2007

I'm on crutches. I've spent my final days of 2006 and the first ones of 2007 hobbling about in a blissed-out haze following a mighty tumble I took on Crystal Mountain just before Xmas that totally torqued my hip. Yes, like a little grannie in a nursing home, I have a bum hip now. Crazy. […]

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Spook the Horse


I'm only guessing at the name, but Spook The Horse sounds like the description of an animal's reaction to nature at its most tempestuous, released by a burst of unexpected wildness in the weather. That's how this forceful seven song mini-album comes across, sweeping and swelling like a storm, scaring a stabled creature into lurching […]

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