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Three Imaginary DVDs to see: a stalkeriffic thriller, nature fighting back, and my favorite New Zealanders

I’m officially naming today Bad Movie Tuesday, because while I found a few things to watch, the selection was chock full of ridiculous melodrama, B-horror, and weak thrillers. Obsessed: I’m sure this is going to be horrible, but how can I pass up Beyonce and Ali Larter? The Temp meets Fatal Attraction + every other […]

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Recommended Saturday night show: Exhibitchin' #01 at the EMP|SFM

Do you like Muppets? And local bands? And $3 beers? Well then, I have the show for YOU. The EMP|SFM Exhibitchin’ #01 is tonight! The deets: Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009 – Sunday, August 2, 2009 Time: 9:00 pm – 1:00 am Ticket Info: Tickets are $10 for EMP|SFM members and $12 for the general […]

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Highly Recommended Imaginary Film: Herb & Dorothy at the Northwest Film Forum

[video:] Herb & Dorothy is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. This sweet, old married couple held jobs as a Librarian and a Postal Worker for years and during that time amassed a collection of over 4,000 pieces of ground-breaking art. And they’re not millionaires, not even close. They visited NY galleries & […]

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Three Imaginary DVDs to see: an animated break-up, a Polanski masterpiece, and 4 Fast, 4 Furious

[Video:] Sita Sings the Blues: I am SO excited to see this released, as it’s one of my favorite films, EVER. Two parallel stories – the tale of a modern woman whose husband moves to India and dumps her via email, and the epic Indian tale “Ramayana” – come to life in this beautifully animated […]

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Get scorched by Cry Baby at Central Cinema

Grab a cold beer at air-conditioned Central Cinema while you enjoy John Waters 1990 juvenile delinquent musical, Cry Baby. [Video:] The breakdown: Depp as sexy bad-boy Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, woos good girl square Allison (Amy Locane, who I may have crushed on harder on than Johnny – she is GORgeous) to the absolute horror […]

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