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Death Wish

Ohboy. Here we go! Death Wish, is of course, a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson film. Full disclosure: I’ve never seen the original. Paul Kersey (the drowsiest Bruce Willis I’ve ever seen) is a successful surgeon who lives in a beautiful house with his beautiful wife (HI ELISABETH SHUE I LOVE YOU FOREVER) and […]

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Captain America Vs. Iron Man in Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

{Captain America: Civil War opens in Seattle tonight (Thursday May 5), and is screening at the Cinerama, Pacific Science Center IMAX, Ark Lodge Cinemas, Majestic Bay … and lots more theaters} Whose side are you on? = the phrase attached to the marketing campaign around Captain America: Civil War (which I’m going to alternately title “The Marvel […]

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Pacific Rim

{Pacific Rim opens in Seattle on Thursday, 7/11, and is screening at Sundance Cinemas Seattle, Thornton Place, Pacific Science Center IMAX, the Cinerama, and AMC Pacific Place}  There's quite a bit of exposition in the opening scenes of Pacific Rim, but even though narration usually bugs me, I didn't mind it here one bit, because: […]

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