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This Sunday's Crafternoon: Letterpress a valentine and hear the new Radio Dept. first {free, all ages}

[video:] If you, like me, have always thought letterpress things are magic bits and imagined how cool it would be to make your own letterpress valentine, join us this Sunday to transform fancy blocks and ink and paper into a special sexy something for your super special someone (or something). On Sunday, January 23 from […]

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Let's make paper hearts at the Imaginary Crafternoon {Sunday, January 23rd – 1p-3p}

It’s going to be Valentines Day before you know it, and we want to make sure that you have the spiffiest handmade valentine card to bestow on the object of your affection {or best friend, yoga teacher, or puppy}.  Let’s gather together on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at Neptune Coffee to craft aplenty from 1pm-3pm.  […]

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Imaginary Crafternoon: Old 97s, The Young Evils, Holiday Indie-pop, and crafts!

Join us Sunday, December 5th from 1pm-3pm at Neptune Coffee as we gather to craft holiday style. In this month’s edition of the Imaginary Crafternoon Listening Party, we’re going to work on our craft projects and listen three new releases in their entirety from beginning to end: The Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Volume […]

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Imaginary Crafternoon: Idlewild, Allo Darlin' and screen-printing

Join us Sunday, October 17th at Neptune Coffee {in Greenwood} for the  October edition of the Imaginary Crafternoon Listening Party from 1pm-3pm. For this month’s Imaginary Crafternoon Listening Party we’re going to combine a couple of our favorite British groups (one English and one Scottish) and one of our favorite crafts (screen-printing)! Our friends at […]

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Summer's almost gone, time to get your Superchunk on

On Sunday, September 12th at Neptune Coffee, the Imaginary Crafty Listening Party will commence (Kelly’s showing everyone how to make fabric flowers, woot!), and it will feature an original crafting soundtrack from Superchunk and the Thermals‘ new albums. We have a full review of The Thermals coming up (it’s a power pop romantic masterpiece), but […]

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Imaginary Crafty Listening Party with brand new albums by The Thermals and Superchunk

{Thermals photo: Westin Glass / Superchunk photo: Jason Arthurs} Last month’s Imaginary Crafty Listening Party was bumpin with Lo & Behold Shrie teaching us all how to embroider {and armed us with TIG birdies to practice on} while we blissed out to the new Darren Hanlon and Menomena albums. Join us Sunday, September 12th from […]

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Let's make stuff and listen to the new Femurs and Carissa's Wierd records

Join us Sunday, June 27 from 1p-3p at Neptune Coffee for the second edition of our Imaginary Crafty Listening Party! Last month we had a glorious time making new crafty friends and debuting the new Math & Physics Club album.  This time around, we’ll fill the air with the likes of two album we think […]

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Crafts + New Indie-Pop = The Imaginary Crafty Listening Party with Math & Physics Club

  It doesn’t take a lot make us smile. Just sprinkle us with indie-pop, new records, tasty beverages (caffeinated and otherwise), and time with friends and we’ll grin from ear to ear. Add in hot glue guns, crochet needles and glitter and we’re over the moon! That’s why we here at Three Imaginary Girls have […]

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This Friday 4/23: New Pornographers, TBTL, Arrested Development Trivia, prizes, and more{!} at Neptune Coffee

  Three Imaginary Girls is excited to present a very special GET TOGETHER to have a sneak listen to the brand new NOT YET RELEASED album from the New Pornographers on Friday, April 23 at Neptune Coffee (at 8415 Greenwood Ave N.) from 6p-7:30p. The evening is free. Besides getting to hear the newest release […]

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