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Math and Physics Club Craft Party


It doesn’t take a lot make us smile. Just sprinkle us with indie-pop, new records, tasty beverages (caffeinated and otherwise), and time with friends and we’ll grin from ear to ear. Add in hot glue guns, crochet needles and glitter and we’re over the moon!

That’s why we here at Three Imaginary Girls have put together a new imaginary affair that combines all of these loves into one monthly get together: The Imaginary Crafty Listening Party!

{We’re working on a snazzier name, so feel free to suggest below or chew it over with us at the meet up.}

Join us Sunday, May 23 from 1p-3p at Neptune Coffee as we debut the brand new Math and Physics Club record, I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do (it doesn’t release until June!). Bring your bag of crafty projects to work on (or just crafty ideas to mull over with our craftier friends/experts) and we’ll sip, listen to one of our favorite records (we’ve had a sneak listen and it’s pretty magical) and get our inner Martha on.

We’ll have a couple Math and Physics Club-inspired giveaways up for grabs and a beverage special thanks to Neptune Coffee. It’s all ages, but Neptune does offer wine and beer for sale to those of us with IDs.

What craft project have you been wanting to start or finish up? I have some baby blankets that have been in process for a while now.  A two-year old could still use a baby blanket, right?