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This has to be one of the strange MySpace blog posts I've ever read, from one of my favorite bands around, Denmark's Figurines. Sounds like they had some issues with the frontman getting high…. though not in the way you'd usually suspect.

Here are the details, in their own (slightly, adorably English-as-second language) words:

Things don't necessarily turn out the way you plan. The other week the talented guys of Good Boy Creative was to make the video for "The Air We Breathe" from our new album When The Deer Wore Blue. The idea was having Christian float in the air, but without the use of special effects. No, they wanted to do it for real with as many ballons as it would take.

Unfortunately it worked, actually it worked to well…

Hell, we even had to sign a contract saying we couldn't sue them if anything went wrong… We can't say what happened right now due to legal matters, but luckily, Christian wasn't injured.

But we did get some footage from the shoot on a cell phone, so maybe we'll just make something out of that and call it a video. So if you caught Christian on camera this Saturday, please email it to us so we can use that too?

Take care! FIGZ

My curiosity is piqued. Mostly, I'm just relieved everyone is AOK. Does anyone have more details?