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Queen Bee!Oh how I LOVE my 7" record trucker bag from Queen Bee.

Sure they're common place here in the Pacific Northwest, but whenever I travel outside our lovely cocoon of coolness, I always get remarks on it. Kids point and wonder how a cd can be so big. Even at the Smithsonian folks asked if it was a "real record" and where I got it.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I pass along the announcement that Queen Bee will be discontinuing the 45 rpm & LP Tote bags as of 12/31/07. "These bags have been one of Queen Bee's most unique & special items, but we feel it is time to let them go to make way for our new ideas and materials."

I'm trying not to get too sad about it though. They've infused their collection with other great designs (it's so hard to choose!) and new materials, including (with a cut and paste description from the QB email):

A limited run of recycled wool bags:
The wool is industrial recycled wool felt composed of scraps from textile mills. It is strong, renewable, biodegradable, water resistant, warm, and most of all – it looks great! We're calling it Re-Wool and we'll be adding more new designs in this material once this first round is gone. There is also a brand-spanking-new accessory called the Felt Bloom – they are brightly colored, texturally & visually appealing wool felt flower pins that you can attach anywhere you'd like.

Banner Bags:
In an effort to prevent material from ending up in the landfill, we are beginning to make bags out of banners that have been hanging around Portland. Our first batch of banners were designed by graphic artists, so they are *beautiful* and very eye catching, as well as very durable and waterproof – just in time for the rain! These are very limited in number, and are available via the QB Flickr page. If you see one you'd like, call us up right away, as each bag is unique! Half of the sales for these bags will be donated to Friends of Trees – a Portland non-profit that plants trees around the city.

Farewell dear record bags! Note to friends, you can now fearlessly supply me with the "intersect," something re-wool, a banner bag, or just go to Velouria / Pretty Parlor and find a crafty purse there.