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Peter Hook and the Light

Peter Hook and the Light take on New Order classics

Show Date: November 18, 2014

Taking the stage to the iconic Kraftwerk song “Trans Europe Express”, Joy Division and New Order founding bassist Peter Hook remarked “you’re a long way from Macclesfield”, perhaps a nod to his Northern England beginnings and how far his musical life has managed to take him. Backed by The Light, who consists of Hook’s son […]

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Peter Hook from Joy Division to play all of post-punk masterpiece 'Unknown Pleasures' at the Market/Showbox on Dec 7

It’s the album cover that has inspired possibly the coolest t-shirt in rock music history. Peter Hook is taking Unknown Pleasures out on the road with his band The Light, and the ten tracks on the album will do for those of us reading this website what a reunion of Pink Floyd doing Dark Side […]

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Sign up to have Bernard Sumner('s people) email you the new Bad Lieutenant single

[video:–pSWLEVGhY] Bad Lieutenant, the new band formed by frontman Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order), guest drummer Stephen Morris (Joy Division, New Order), guitarist Phil Cunningham (New Order), and guest Alex James (Blur) has released “Sink or Swim,” the first single off of Never Cry Another Tear on their MySpace page. The song will be […]

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Looking for a great "Hallowindie" Mix

Hello, Imaginary World. I make a point out of living up Halloween each and every year. My annual tradition is to create a Halloween mix CD- not one of those clichè ones with "The Addams Family Theme" and "Monster Mash", but a really good, unique one. My past lists include songs by Depeche Mode The […]

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You can't download a tombstone

This morning I was getting caught up on Idolator (and the small handful of other music sites I read regularly) and two items caught my eye. The first was a post linking to USA Today's story celebrating the $55 concert t-shirt. My favorite passage: In the apparel world of the living and dead, "there are […]

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The best album cover ever?

You be the judge… The Music Nation blog reports on the top 10 winners of UK mag Music Magpie's reader's poll for the top album covers ever. The #1 winner, shown above? Joy Division's 1979 LP Unknown Pleasures. The full list, in order… Joy Division Unknown Pleasures The Stone Roses The Stone Roses The Beatles […]

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