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Ladytron at the Showbox Sodo

Show Date: May 2, 2009

The first time I had seen Ladytron play, about midway through their set a friend whispered to me, “you realize there isn’t any laptop bullshit up there, right?” What he meant was that even though the band makes electronic music, they don’t use any samples and create everything live on stage. Live, Ladytron is a […]

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Free Music Friday!

Ahoy there mateys! Free Music Friday here, once again, with links to some worthy MP3s across the web. Get your CTRL-click / right-click on with the following:   ∞ We ran a mini-review of Rafter's new one, Sex Death Cassette, a couple of days ago. Here's "ZZZ Penchant", courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty.   ∞ Pirate […]

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