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just so you know what you're in for..

Thanks to everyone who came to the big Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey last Saturday night (12/27). It was HUGE fun and we raised just about $1,000 for Solid Ground, a local charity that helps homeless and near homeless families of Seattle. That's amazing — we can't thank you enough for joining in the fun and making a difference. 

Mega-thanks to all the bands (The Mangles, The Femurs, Star Lake Drownings, M. Bison, Telekinesis, Hey Marseilles, and the Kindness Kind) who donated their time, Jim Anderson (amazing sound guy!), Santa John, Chop Suey and our lovely and talented photographer Laura Musselman and all around fabu gentleman Jesse Flores took great care of Santa all night. She expertly took everyone's photo with the jolliest (and cutest) indie rockstar around, John Roderick.

We'll have YOUR photo with Santa posted on our Flickr page later tonight, but in the meantime, here's a wee bit of the fun. All the bands were amazing (more about that in the coming days when we get post more photos of the evening's blazing band sets). There were even sexy tart elves that showed up!

Add your photos from the night to the Three Imaginary Girls Sparkly Indie-Pop Flickr Pool!  Do you have any videos from the night? Send us the links or post them here!