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This top entertainment news story (from, on my Google News feed) made me do a double take this morning, and then laugh. 

"The wife of Velvet Underground's Scott Weiland is free on bail after being charged with setting the singer's clothes afire, Burbank, Calif., police said…. Mary Weiland was arrested for vandalism because the clothes weren't hers, and for arson because 'you can't burn stuff willy-nilly,' Ferguson said."

A of all, lighting someone's clothes on fire, now that's funny. B of all, American Hertitage says 'willy-nilly' means "without order or plan, haphazardly." She torched her own husband's stuff. That doesn't' seem random or sans-plan to me. Which begs the question: is it okay to burn someone's stuff in a non-willy-nilly fashion? C of all, strong work on the band name,

Ahh, music journalism…