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Bright Eyes -- CassadagaOnly 14 more days until the official release of the new Bright Eyes' album (Cassadaga)!

To bide time until the big day, check out the Saddle Creek Cassadega webpage to download three pallette wetting songs, watch the "Four Winds" video, or pre-order the album.

NOTE: If you pre-order the album there, you'll get it before the release date AND receive a bonus cd or 7"! They've already started shipping them, so my fingers are crossed that, Godspeed, it will be here by the end of the weekend.

Oh my, I just got lightheaded thinking about it.

Or if you want to get a taste for what is yet to come, head to your local record store at lunch time and pick up the Four Winds EP (released in early March). On the EP is one of my favorite songs of 2007: "Reinvent the Wheel"… or "Stray Dog Freedom"… or the title track "Four Winds." I can't choose.

Oh, and another countdown… 35 more days until the next Bright Eyes show in Seattle. Bright Eyes will be at the Paramount on Tuesday, May 1st. Get your tickets now… I'm fairly certain it is going to sell out.