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Beck Sketchel

Save for my Project Runway addiction, I'm not into fashion design. Usually I'm just a vintage clothing kinda gal – so the closest I usually get to buying something new is at a merch table at the Croc. I love the band t-shirt! So much so that I'm in the process of making a quilt out of my retired stash of t-shirts (finally the worn-thin 1988 REM shirt will see the light of day!).

Beck is now cashing in on folks with a band-t-shirt fetish like mine by working with international designers to create a conceptual and functional art object – also known as a custom bag they've named the Beck sketchel. The sketchel (bag) showcases an exclusive design by French artist Genevieve Gauckler, who also contributed art to Beck's new album sleeve. Personally, I have no idea who Genevieve is (although I can assume she's fairly notable in the Nordstrom's scene)… but I appreciate the colorful bag she's designed to coincide with the Beck cover. Neat!

The limited edition shoulder bag is available at the Beck online store.