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Over the weekend I had an OMG realization: one of the chord progressions to “The Unmade Bed” by Darren Hanlon perfectly complements (or shall we say, matches) my favorite progression of all time, that being the baseline in “Homeboy” by Adorable.

Both are wonderful songs that I could listen to on repeat independently, but together it’s infectious and possibly the beginning of a great mixtape, one made up of songs that feature tabs of that ilk. Are there any other songs you can think of that would play nicely next to these two tunes?

As inspiration (and exhibits A & B), here are videos for both songs (and yes, that’s Jens Lekman in the Darren Hanlon video!):

Adorable – “Homeboy” from the album Against Perfection

Darron Hanlon – “The Unmade Bed” from the album Little Chills