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I'm guessing that most everyone reading this either buys a lot of cds, is in a band that hopes to sell a lot of cds, or both. So I'd love to get folks opinion on the latest legislation sweeping the nation (info thanks to ars technica and Boing Boing):

In Florida, Utah, and soon in Rhode Island and Wisconsin, selling your used CDs to the local record joint will be more scrutinized than then getting a driver's license in those states. For retailers in Florida, for instance, there's a "waiting period" statue that prohibits them from selling used CDs that they've acquired until 30 days have passed. Furthermore, the Florida law disallows stores from providing anything but store credit for used CDs.

We all know that record companies are scrambling to keep their iron fisted control over the industry. But has the used cd market affected the smaller labels and bands… and is this legislation going to further hurt cd sales?

Also, if your looking for really interesting reading on the filesharing piece of this discussion, smarty Okkervil River frontman Will Sheff eloquently spouted it.