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It's not often someone who isn't wearing hot glitter pink nail polish is allowed to use GR8 in a sentence (let alone as a blog title) but with today being 08/08/08 I think it's use is permitted. Tomorrow? Good luck.

I wanted to start the calendarly special day with an eight infused pack of goodness. But where to begin? Hmm….

What's your special EIGHT today? How else should we glorify the EIGHTness?

How about my favorite show moments I wasn't at as told in EIGHT YouTube videos?

1. This live snip of a Nana Grizol show in back in May. They start off with "Voices Echo Down Thee Hall" and then go into the moody "Motion in the Ocean" and then into "Circles 'Round The Moon." The sound isn't perfect, but the good times are infectious. (check out that wicked baritone horn! I really wish I was at this show)

2. Bears in Memphis with the song "Since I Met You"

3. Mermaid Skeletons at Nonsuch in Richmond, VA on 9/30/07 doing "An Affair With Education" (this song makes me weep with happy sadness).

4. Hutch and Kathy at Holocene in Portland on June 5, 2008 (where was I?!?)

5. Jared Mees performing "Him Her You Me" at Needles and Pins Records in Pomona, CA on December 22, 2006. He's one of my favorite finds of 2008… I can't believe I missed him when he was in town recently (even though that's only because I hadn't heard his albums yet. Don't you hate when then happens?).

6. Soda Fountain Rag playing "Go! "in Whelan's Dublin

7. The Bluetones at the Reading Festival in 1998 performing "If"

8. Blur performing "Country House" on some TV show named Taratata in 1996