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As election day draws closer and the numbers continue to poll in Obama's favor, the uglies are getting uglier.

First up, the not-entirely-unpredictable-yet-still-disheartening reaction of (so-called) right to Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama. No matter how much admiration he's earned from the Republicans in the past — and no matter how eloquent his words were, explaining why he's endorsing Obama — you knew the wingnuts would say what they would say about it. And say so they did: the usual suspects Limbaugh, Buchanan, and a whole lotta creepy people at Free Republic, all claiming that Powell only endorsed him because he's black. 

Though they said it in some far more incendiary terms…

And while the racial fires are being stoked, the scaries are getting a bit scarier. Check out these headlines, all of which appeared since this morning:

Texas thugs trash Obama supporter's car. "My "Obama 08" bumper sticker was torn off the right rear bumper, a 20-lb rock was dropped through the back window, 2 stolen Obama yard signs were shoved through the gaping hole in the window, and a cryptic almost "OBAHA" (or something…) was scrawled in orange spray-paint on the drivers side front and back doors and windows." (Daily Kos),

Death threats to people with Obama yard signs. "Get the Obama signs off your property—now," the letter reads. "Failure to obey this order will result in the immediate death of all family members." (Chicago Tribune)

At least 30 cars at Obama rally get tires slashed. "The slashings were scare tactics designed to keep her and others from supporting Obama." (FayObserver)

And the worst one of all:

Dead bear covered with Obama signs found at school. "it appeared the bear cub had been shot in the head, and that two Obama signs had been stapled together and stuck over the animal's head." (Slog)

God, that's disgusting.

Something tells me we're in for a rocky ride these next two weeks, imaginaries. Hang onto your hats, and by all means, get out there and vote! Hands up if you've filled in your absentee ballot yet…