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Two. More. Days. 48 hours. That's when we get to vote in our new President.

My thoughts this weekend have turned to early elections, outcomes, and alternate realities. What if, back in 2000, Florida hadn't effed everything up? What if we had (rightfully) elected President Gore? Think about how things might have played out differently.

  • We would be leading instead of lagging the world on environmental and energy policies.
  • There may have never been an attack on September 11th.
  • Even if there was, the US certainly would have reacted differently. We never would have squandered the good will of the world.
  • We wouldn't be at war with Iraq. Think of all the lives, both US, Iraqi, and otherwise, that wouldn't have been lost.
  • Without funding the war, our economy wouldn't be crippled as it is now.

I know this list is an oversimplifcation, but my point remains the same — a Gore Presidency in 2000 would have us in an completely different place, eight years better. A completely better place.

And that contest came down to little more than a handful of votes.

If you think your vote doesn't count — if you think there's no difference between the two candidates — think again. It has NEVER been so crucial to get out the vote as it is this year. So you — yes, YOU — get your ass to the polling station on Tuesday.

Unless you're a Republican. Then you have my blessings to stay home.

Speaking of Republicans, John McCain was actually pretty damn funny on Saturday Night Live last night!

But Sarah Palin getting PWNED earlier that day by a couple of Canadian DJs? Funnier still.