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You may notice I've skipped the 4-day check-in. I've decided to move my final updates to the morning, as the countdown makes more sense that way. So consider this your 3-4-days-to-go blog post!

The big news for today: there was no October Surprise. It's November 1st. I don't know about you, but that's a huge sign of relief for me.

My other exciting news: I VOTED! The absentee ballot is filled in, and I put some fantastic Star Wars stamps on it. Good battling evil, the Force battling the Dark Side. We had to use two stamps per ballot as the stamps are for 41 cents. It seems like a fitting, lucky gesture. Check 'em out!

Our ballots. May the Force be with them!

May the Force be with our ballots 



How about you? Have you voted yet?

If so, did you do anything for good luck while voting?