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Since I know nothing makes igLiz happier than the Thermals, I wanted to share this, from a MySpace bulletin posted yesterday, some great news from the Thermals' Hutch and Kathy (especially if you live in Portland!);

Hutch and Kathy will be playing just a few shows over the next few months. These shows will all take place in Portland, most are benefits for very worthy causes. We are only announcing these shows one at a time in the hopes that you will come support these causes, thanks! We play new and old Thermals songs, sometimes even actual Hutch and Kathy songs. I play guitar and sing, Kathy will be playing either guitar, bass, drums, or a combination thereof, basically whatever the hell she wants to play! Let me tell you it's good times. Hope to see you there.

Our demos for the next record are coming along quite well, i may even post one soon, stay tuned!

New demos posted soon!! That is a great tease if I've ever heard one… 

And in case you're wondering what those actual dates are, the first one appears to be May 9th at the Backspace. Again, here's what the band has to say about it:

This is a Hutch and Kathy show. We play new and old Thermals songs and maybe some covers. Not sure what other bands are playing, but this is a benefit for Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center and should be really fun.

I definitely see a roadtrip in igLiz's future.