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Photo: Steve Louie

We’re elated to raise a coffee mug {or cupcake} to toast Three Imaginary Girls’ 12th IMAGINARY BIRTHDAY today!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since we marked our 10th anniversary, which makes it even harder to comprehend that it’s been 12 years since Three Imaginary Girls hit the internet-o-sphere.

On June 10, 2002, Dana and I pulled near-all-nighters for weeks and weeks leading up to the launch of this little web-zine… a place where we and our friends could write as many and any words we wanted about local and touring bands that made us giddy.

In the days, weeks, and years that followed, we were lucky enough to find co-conspirators and readers who shared our enthusiasm as many more sleepless nights followed with many more stories shared and recaps of all the new imaginary favorites {songs, people, bands, films, mixtapes, coffee, etc.}.

Since then, the site has grown more than we ever could have imagined.  We have more than 25,000 articles in the imaginary archive and have listed over 35,000 shows on our calendar {major hat tip to our dear calendar editor since the very beginning, Jason}.

With this huge library of stories about the amazing songs, bands, films and miscellaneous things that make the world so wonderfully imaginary, we’ve realized that we need to find a more reliable, reader-friendly, dynamic, and cost-effective way to keep the site growing and going.

So, we’re in the midst of converting the site to WordPress – a major undertaking that’s emptied our bank account and left us in a pinch: We’ve recently hit a wall in setting TIG V4 up on our own.  We’ve asked around and the responses to the list of items that need to be fixed before we can launch all are the same:  “Yeah, you need a dev to figure that out.”

That’s where we could possibly use your help:

Are you a WordPress developer with some skillz you’d like to share in exchange for all the tig t-shirts and mugs we have in our stash, dozens of cupcakes delivered to your door, endless amounts of gushing about how great you are, and some cash?  Sound fun? Email me (at liz at threeimaginarygirls dot com) and let’s chat!

Mmmmm imaginary cupcakesWould you like to help us cover the cost of a dev? After all, devs have rent to cover and weighty bills to pay too.  We’re working on putting together an IndieGoGO or other like campaign to offer ways that you can join in the fun with some rewarding ways to donate. You can donate now {HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!} or email me for more details.

We are excited about the future of TIG and would love your help shaping it. We can’t thank you enough for being so imaginary {and supportive and kind} over the last 12 years — here’s to 12 more.

The day is beautiful and so are you!


{Photo: Steve Louie}