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Happy Birthday TIG!If you were to ask us eight years ago what this lil website would become, we’d never have believed that it would blossom to it’s full roasted and toasted version of today. It remains a daily honor and privilege to meet folks who enjoy the site and to work on it every day with a team of amazing and inspiring team of imaginaries.

Wonderfully, even though things have grown beyond just three ladies closing up Top Pot on Summit most nights, so much has stayed the same — beyond just the fact that there’s a new Carissa’s Wierd release and we still get giddy when David Gedge comes to town. There continues to be so many great bands bubbling up from the clubs in the Pacific Northwest that we get to tell you about and I am continually floored every time someone mentions they have read

Although tradition deems this the year we treat ourselves to a set of bronze bookends or swanky bed linens, we would like to celebrate it with a hearty blast of all things imaginary.

Come celebrate this monumental birthday with us!

Saturday {June 12} at the Crocodile
Let’s dance and cheer and smily giddily as Aqueduct, Math & Physics Club, and Skeletons with Flesh on Them take the stage and steal our hearts. {Doors at 8p, 21+}

Wednesday {June 16} at the Moe Bar
We will be DJing, tending bar, and toasting all things imaginary from 8p till things close up.

Sunday {June 27} at Neptune Coffee
We’ll pop on two brand new albums we love {the yet-to-be-released Carissa’s Wierd and brand new Femurs albums} and wield a pair knitting needles or a hot glue gun at our monthly Imaginary Crafty Listening Party.

The biggest thanks goes out to all everyone who has read the site, told their friends about, and pitched in to make it what it is today. Mwah!