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Hypatia Lake. I'm stunned. The music, it's so intricate, innovative, interesting and soaring, I just don't know what to say.

{Dana listens in stunned, happy silence…}

The drums sound like my heart, beating fervently with new love for this band. Musical enamoration. Thump thump, thump thump.

The music sound haunting, like a thunderous wistful daydream. I love how they use their voices as brooding instruments more than to convey lyrical content.

At first, I heard so many sounds that I presumed they were mixing in sampled recordings. But I believe it's actually all live, this luscious wall of sounds.

I'm trying to provide other bands for comparison. Grandaddy, at times. Perhaps Black Heart Procession? But mostly, they sound unique, even within the deafening and feedback plagued confines of the Bad JuJu Lounge.

Can we love them forever?

According to guitar player Jared, the debut Hypatia Lake CD is due to release in about two months. Marking calendar as I type…