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We had a few minutes, so Mom and I headed over to the Vera stage to hear what was playing. And behold to our ears… it's hillbilly indie-rock! Or as the Simians called it, "Roots-Revival."

imaginary Dana's Mom:  I rather liked them; they were distinguished from other things we've heard today.

You know, I liked them too! I am not a huge fan of the genre, generally, but these guys sounded fresh and happy. We only stayed for a few songs — but I really enjoyed the harmonies between the two singers, Flav Giorgini and Amy Helman. And while it was pretty rockabilly, it definitely rocked too.

imaginary Dana's Mom:  The underlying back was rock and roll, but then there's definitely country in there too.

Sure was. Since I'm no expect in the alt-country arena, I don't feel like I can comment much beyond — they sounded great! I'm glad I stopped in. Sometimes it's good to expand your musical horizons.

imaginary Dana's Mom:  This weekend was certainly outside my usual musical tastes…