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Can I mention how hot it is in the Bad JuJu Lounge? And only slightly more distracting and disturbing, it is DAYLIGHT. And you know, the new velvet sofa and chairs are quite nice.

So I'm sitting in here alone, talking with a new friend Eric, who tells me they have food at the Bad JuJu now, and that it's "actually pretty decent." Who knew? Not this Imaginary Girl. So now we all know.

Anyway, the Charming Snakes. Mom and I walked into the Bad JuJu, used their bathroom, and Mom immediately left, overwhelmed by the heat, the noise, the smoke. So it's just me for the Charming Snakes, who I know nothing about. Well, except that Tes from Sonic Boom Records recommends them — which has to be a good sign.

Of note: the audience squeezed into the back near the band is overwhelmingly male. A good sign? A bad one? Perhaps, neither. I crawl into the back for a closer look and listen, and happily run into my friends Theo and Heather, who have a table with an extra seat for me. Oh happy day!

Charming Snakes have no drummer — all the booming drum-like sounds manufactured from a synthesizer, astonishingly, producing an overall incredibly eighties feel. My seat is reverberating with the pound of imaginary drums. Seems fitting for an Imaginary Girl.

The vocals too; they're great, with this incredibly familiar yet as yet unplaceable similarity to a prominent eighties singer. Simon Le Bon? No… screechier. Robert Smith? Nope, not that whiny. Who…?

Not to say that these guys sound derivative, or dated. Despite the keyboards and those vocals (damn, but who does this sound like??), the sound is much more contemporary, thanks to those lovely distorted and grindy guitars.

John Lydon! That's it!! He sounds astonishingly like John Lydon, and likewise, the bands sound is reminiscent of Public Image Limited. Oh thank god I figured that out. Now I can get out of this hot hot JuJu and back into the sunshine (and to my Mom…)